Action Item Manager 7.0

On Time. On Budget. On Target. AIM 7.0

Action Item Manager

Action Item Manager is an Intranet/Extranet application that helps you document action items, track assignments, and stay informed about progress. It also lets you plan ahead - knowing the capacity of your resources -, and it allows you to organize the rapidly growing amount of data so that mission-relevant information can be found quickly.

What can Action Item Manager be used for?

You can use it to manage a product development team, catalog software defects, collaborate with external resources, document meeting minutes, track status, time and expenses, assign tasks based on available capacity, and communicate the all important "where do we stand" to upper management.

This screen shot shows the action item list grouped by assigned resource (upper left), a chart to illustrate the
of assignments per resource, and the details of the currently selected/active action item (bottom).

Starting as a shared list of "things to do", Action Item Manager has perfected the art of slicing and dicing the information available and provides dashboards, on-screen reporting with filtering, grouping, sorting, and the ability to drill down into cumulative information on the fly. In fact, it does feel a little bit like flying an airplane, and the software acts as a cockpit with real-time instruments. For more information about the product, please visit the "Product Details" section.



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