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About Us

Softalot LLC, the maker of Action Item Manager 7.0, was started by Iko Knyphausen, a serial entrepreuneur and software industry veteran
of 25 years.


In 1984, Iko founded his first company: TRADOS Inc. The firm, back then German, specialized in developing software for language translation. 

A software developer by trade, he kept programming for many years, slowly wearing additional hats in the growing organization.

In late 1997, as the Chief of Business Development and the CEO/President of TRADOS US, Iko raised and negotiated a 20% investment by Microsoft. After 13 years in business, this was the company's first round of external funding.

Additional investments by reputable firms like Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and Sequoia Capital followed.

Over time, TRADOS had become the leading language technology provider to a wide variety of customers, including many of the Fortune 500 companies in the US and abroad. In 2005, TRADOS was acquired for 60m$ by SDL plc, a publicly traded language services and technology provider.

In late 2002, Iko took a short sabbatical and traded the hectic life of a TRADOS executive for a new startup idea. Not that this new venture would be any less busy, but it allowed him, once again, to spend a lot more time hands on.

"Talking to clients and translating their requirements into functionality of the product, is what I love doing. If you can sell your product along the way and keep the feedback cycle going, for me, that's as good as it gets."

Success speaks for itself. Iko's project and resource management software is used by hundreds of organizations, including Professional Services firms, Fortune 500 enterprises and government organizations.

Iko lives in Seattle, with his wife, two children and two cats. In his spare time, he volunteers as Emergency Medical Technician with King County Search and Rescue.









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