Action Item Manager 7.0

On Time. On Budget. On Target. AIM 7.0


Quotes It is not often you encounter as much value for money as with software from Softalot. The functionality covers the needs even for our most complex projects and also brings the dimension of real team-management in the project environment. There are many good things with this software, but the best is that it takes out the complexity of project planning leaving the problem-solving part of your brain working with the project instead of the project-software ! Both the software and the support are very professional, and the visual design is a piece of artwork ! Quotes
Kenneth Verlage - DHL Solutions North Europe / UK
Manager Business Processes & Organization / IT

Quotes We, at dovTek, have looked for over 9 months for a workable web-based team collaboration solution and we have tried a variety of systems. None of them had the features of Softalot's software. Everyone on our team, staff and clients, has been impressed by its interface and features. The software has, by far, all the features we could need and more. In the short time that we have used it, we have been able to save time and money, communicate better and have better customer satisfaction. However, what makes us endorse your product so strongly is your excellent support; you have truly exceeded our expectations. We wish you continued success. (about an early version of Team Manager, predecessor of Action Item Manager) Quotes
Stephen Abdo
Project Manager at dovTek

Quotes Wow ? these are wonderful improvements that will really help us out. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you !!!!! (about a product upgrade) Quotes
Laura Boylan - Synchronics
Director of Internet Services

Quotes Freisoft Consulting Services, Inc. has been reviewing project and resource management systems for the last several months. We even considered the possibility of developing our own custom solution. The Softalot system incorporated all the functionality that we were seeking and even included features that we didn't think we would need but are glad that we now have them...all at a fraction of the cost of competitive products or development time. Now our consultants can easily track project tasks and enter in timesheets via the web no matter where they are located. We at Freisoft highly recommend this product to any project team looking for a simple and low-cost method for managing projects. Quotes
Neil Konitzer

Quotes When we were looking for a web based project management software we only dreamed that we would find something as full featured as the Softalot product offering. We have had no problem or issue that Softalot has not worked tirelessly (and quickly) to either fix or explain. Thank you for an excellent product with excellent support. Quotes
Michelle Church - Web Coordinator
Daytona Beach Community College

Quotes After much searching I found Softalot's Software to be the only asp based project management system with a well designed, clean and easy to use but powerful user interface. Then on closer inspection I realized that this product went a million miles further with its feature set than my original expectations!! Quotes
Carl Southgate
Westmead Associates

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